Vom kaiserreich zur republik - film in original box

TB 140 3,5cm/s 28 minutes from the institute fur film und bild. Munchen 26 Museumsinsel 1.

This is a film made between 1970-1980.

History of the late Wilhelmine Empire, the First World War and the early Weimar Republic up to approx. 1921: the problem constellations of the late Empire with its unsolved social problems and constitutional problems as well as militarization; Air and sea warfare, the repercussions on the homeland and the final phase of the First World War; the November Revolution of 1918 and the escalation of the conflict between supporters of the Soviet Republic and the SPD Reich government; Burdens of the early Weimar Republic: The Versailles Treaty with its required assignments of territory and the endangerment from right-wing and left-wing extremists, the Kapp Putsch, the murders of politicians, communist uprisings in 1921

Code: 50175

25.00 EUR