German/ USA M7-L Commercial export bayonet by Eickhorn

Very good condition an export Carl Eickhorn Waffenfabrik (AES made) M7 bayonet for the US M16 rifle, made from the 70's.

These bayonets had certain characteristics like no maker marks, one piece grip. These pieces were made earlier by Carl Eickhorn and were als known to be made by AES for Haïti. In the bottom I have added some URL's for reference.

Used blade is nicely darkened no markings. M16 slot on the pommel with one screw. Black checkered one piece grip (no screws). Cross-guard marked with US M7

Used green plastic scabbard with integral frog and belt hook. Marked U.S. M8AI.

Blade length: 16,6 cm
Overall length: 29,7 cm

Code: 50286

140.00 EUR