WWII Russian Mosin Nagant M1891/30

IN an excellent condition a 2nd model/ version of the Mosin Nagant bayonet with leather frog/ scabbard, otherwise called the M1891/30 bayonet.

These specific type bayonets were used by the Russians during the 2nd WW and were crudely made (in haste). In 1930 the old style M1891 bayonet was re-designed by E.K. Kabakow and J.A. Komaricki with a new socket and press stud, hence the addition of the name /30.

The blade is in crucifix style and has a characteristic screwdriver end. On one side near the press stud it is marked 33 and the otherside C108391.

The bayonet frog or leather scabbard is in excellent condition all stitches are in order.

Blade length 43,2 cm
Overall length 50,2 cm

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120.00 EUR