WWII Russian Mosin Nagant M1891/30

In an excellent condition a 2nd model/ version of the Mosin Nagant bayonet, otherwise called the M1891/30 bayonet.

These specific type bayonets were used by the Russians during the 2nd WW and were crudely made (in haste). In 1930 the old style M1891 bayonet was re-designed by E.K. Kabakow and J.A. Komaricki with a new socket and press stud, hence the addition of the name /30.

The blade is in crucifix style and has a characteristic screwdriver end. Near the press stud it is marked AB 5552. Also the marking X and another unknown illegible marking,

Blade length 43,2 cm
Overall length 50,2 cm

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35.00 EUR