Österreich-Ungarisches Militärfernglas WWI

In an excellent condition a WWI Austrian-Hungarian army binoculars.

The binoculars are marked with the company C.P. GOERZ WIEN u. POZSONY. Binoculars No. 6003
Type M8 magnification 8x Armee-Feldstecher.
The company made naval and army binoculars. During and before WWI Austria-Hungary had sea ports in the south.

Carl Paul Goerz began in business in Berlin in 1886. The Opticsche Anstalt C.P. Goerz (C.P. Goerz Optical Institute) was formed in 1890, and established a factory for military optics in Vienna in 1905. The firm began making Galilean binoculars in 1891 and prism binoculars in 1896. They boasted that their Triëder binoculars were as “small as an opera glass” and “more powerful than the largest field glass.” They introduced the Helinox design in 1911. “DRP” refers to Deutsches Reichspatent, a term in use until 1945.

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